The Story

We met a year ago in London, fell in love and now our shared passion for healthy food and sense of adventure has brought us the inspiration for this lifestyle blog which hopes to teach you how to eat and live happily.


By no means are either of us professional chefs. Our food is honest, simple and possible for any novice to recreate. The work behind our recipes has come from experimentation and the piecing together of ideas found online, our parents secrets handed down and just pure innovation. We are a rare Chindian couple (Chinese and Indian) brought up in the UK so our mixed culture has fed through in our culinary upbringing. Both our parents are chefs and create incredible food but we found that our own occupations (office jobs) and modern day conveniences often led us to neglect cooking. It would be a great shame if our ancestors traditions were lost to ready meals so this blog will hopefully inspire us all to return to good old fashioned, hearty meals cooked on the fire.


Neither of us can sit still for long and we are always looking out for new places to spend our dates. We’ve had our fair share of overrated, overpriced and over-the-top disappointments as well as finding some real treasures. So rather than keeping these all to ourselves, we thought we’d share our experiences with you all in the most honest way.

Hope you enjoy reading our posts!

J & C